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8-Gram Primary Assorted Shape Balloon Weights

Formerly Balloon Weights, Control Balloon Products (just transitioned from "Accessories") (a division of Control Plastics), offers a wide selection of high-quality plastic balloon accessories including weights, air-filled products and cups & sticks that can be used as excellent promotional items, as centerpieces for your balloon bouquets, gift tags with written messages, and even durable stencils-- and much more!

Our smooth shapes, sticks, clips, and centerpieces are crafted to meet not only your balloon needs but also a large variety of different applications. Our surfaces can also be hot-stamped, glued, and written on with a marker of choice. Also our balloon accessories are reusable, RoHS-compliant, and some are even recyclable, too.


Balloon Weights & more...

65-Gram Balloon Shape Balloon Weights Primary Mix

We have multi-shape balloon weights from 8-grams all the way to 130-grams for both foil balloons and latex balloons. We also carry a large variety of themed and smoothly shaped balloon weights for all occasions.

Our Weights

Innovative Air-Filled Balloon Products

Air Stand Centerpiece

From our Air Stand Centerpiece ™ to our bedazzling Bubble Sticks ™ , our balloon accessory line is truly a definitive collection. With a selection of both round and scalloped cups, we have clear straws, flexible white-and solid bubble sticks, and we even have one-piece sticks as well. In our bubble and white stick sizes we have:

• Small: for balloons 8 - 12 inches | 20.32 - 30.48 cm

• Regular: for balloons 13 - 18 inches | 33.02 - 45.72 cm

• Large: for balloons 20 - 27 inches | 50.8 - 68.58 cm (Twist-Lock™ only)

Our Air-Fill Products

Presenting our revolutionary Snap Lock Cup and Snap Lock Stick line! (Bulk option available)
An innovatively new permanent locking cup and stick.

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